VECMA VVUQ Toolkit Month 42 final release: FabSim3, EasyVVUQ, QCG, EasySurrogate, MUSCLE3 and Application Tutorials


Welcome to the dedicated website for the VECMA Toolkit (VECMAtk), the central deliverable of the VECMA Project.

VECMAtk enables automated Verification, Validation and Uncertainty Quantification (VVUQ) for complex single- and multi-scale applications that can be deployed on emerging exascale platforms and provides support for software applications for any domain of interest. In January 2022, VECMA announced the M42 final release of VECMAtk, which contains a suite of components, providing tools to:

  • create VVUQ procedures (EasyVVUQ),
  • to facilitate the creation of surrogate models for multiscale simulations (EasySurrogate)
  • to automate the complex workflows emerging from these procedures (FabSim3),
  • to enable the efficient execution of large numbers of jobs on computational resources (QCG Pilot Job Manager),
  • to provide convenient means to use HPC facilities for users (QCG-Now) and user-developers (FabSim3 and QCG-Client),
  • and to make creating coupled multiscale simulations easy, and to then enable efficient Uncertainty Quantification of such models using advanced semi-intrusive algorithms (MUSCLE3)

See the Toolkit tab for more details on these components, and the Release History tab for an overview of the current and all previous releases.

We have been developing the software toolkit to enable automated VVUQ, providing support for software applications regardless of the domain of interest. We have established a collection of readily working algorithms for uncertainty quantification within existing multiscale computing tools. We provide tutorials in several application areas as part of this release.

For more information about the wider activities of the VECMA Project, please consult our main website.